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How Long Do Car Batteries Last?

Auto Mechanic Replacing Car Battery

How long can you wait before a required car battery change? Typically, cars, trucks, and SUVs need a battery replacement after three to four years. However, this interval can change based on your vehicle’s make and model. Knowing the signs of a dying car battery and the average vehicle battery life is an essential aspect of car maintenance. Learn about dying car battery symptoms, the average vehicle battery lifespan, and more with the certified service technicians at Brown Dodge Chrysler Jeep Ram below.

What is the Average Vehicle Battery Life?

Ask five different drivers about what their average vehicle battery life expectancy is and you’ll get five different answers. Many drivers suggest waiting four to five years before changing car batteries. Many more Devine drivers replace their batteries in as short as one to two years. Regardless, experts recommend scheduling a car battery change every three to four years to avoid getting stranded on the side of a Castroville road.

Car battery changes aren’t exceptionally expensive or difficult to perform – in fact, they’re about as routine as an oil change, tire replacement, or brake inspection you’d receive at Brown Dodge Chrysler Jeep Ram. Battery inspections are a normal maintenance task, and your battery should be checked even if it’s still functioning properly, as there are numerous factors that can disproportionately drain a battery’s life.

Why Is My Battery Life Draining Faster Than Normal?

There are two primary mechanical issues that could be responsible for draining your vehicle’s battery. These two leading factors tend to be driving habits and geography, which can shorten car battery life resulting in the need for battery changes before three or four years:

  • Climate & Location: Driving in a hot climate year-round will weaken your battery more than if you drive in a cooler climate
  • Driving Habits: If you don’t drive much, and tend to leave your vehicle sitting for long periods of time, you could be weakening your car’s battery. During your commute, try taking the longer scenic route so your car’s battery has more time to charge. Also, make sure you don’t leave the power on when the ignition is off. Leaving an interior light on overnight can easily drain the battery.

Get Your Car Battery Changed at Brown Dodge Chrysler Jeep Ram Today!

Now that you have a better understanding of how long car batteries last, you also have a better understanding of when you should schedule service for your next car battery change! At Brown Dodge Chrysler Jeep Ram, we offer the finest car battery services in the Devine area. Contact us online to learn more about what a battery inspection entails, and other service tips like how to check transmission fluid. Make sure to browse our budget-friendly service offers!

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