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What is Good Mileage on a Used Car?

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Devine drivers inspecting a used car’s mechanical and physical condition will also want to check the mileage. However, even the most experienced drivers may be unsure as to what’s considered good mileage for a used car. A used car that has over 100,000 miles should be avoided, but there can be exceptions to that rule. Factors such as how well the vehicle’s been maintained, how long it’s been driven, location, and the number of previous owners, all play into the quality of the used car. Find out more about what’s considered good mileage on a used car with Brown Dodge Chrysler Jeep Ram!

Determining Good Mileage for a Used Car

In addition to mileage, it’s important to keep these things in mind when shopping for a used car near Castroville:

  • Maintenance: Check the maintenance history of the vehicle to ensure that it has been kept up to date on routine services like oil changes. An irregular service history can be a sign of expensive problems in the future.
  • Condition: Get a certified mechanic to inspect the vehicle to determine if there are any issues, such as mechanical problems or rust, that will need to be dealt with. Figure this cost into your budget.
  • Location: Vehicles that have been driven in a locale that has a dry, warm climate will have endured less stress than vehicles from areas that have a cooler climate.
  • Usage: A car driven 75,000 miles in stop-and-go traffic will wear down sooner than one that has racked up 75,000 miles on the open highway. Make sure that you get the previous owner’s driving history before you buy.

Age vs. Mileage

Shopping for used cars based on mileage can be tricky because a pre-owned vehicle with high mileage may be a superior choice to a low-mileage used car. Keep these elements in mind when shopping for a used car::

  • Low mileage vehicles often come with a higher price tag.
  • A vehicle with a well-documented maintenance history is preferred to one that has been neglected.
  • A vehicle that hasn’t been driven often will have higher repair costs. Mechanical issues, or problems with rubber seals and gaskets, can develop if a car isn’t used on a consistent basis.

If you’re looking for a like-new, low-mileage vehicle, the Certified Pre-Owned models at Brown Dodge Chrysler Jeep Ram might be what you’re looking for.

Check out Used Vehicles at Brown Dodge Chrysler Jeep Ram Today!

There’s so much more to take into account than just mileage when shopping for used vehicles in Devine. With such a vast inventory of high-quality used vehicles to choose from, your next best step is to contact us to schedule a test drive or have us clear up any lingering questions you may have about the pre-owned vehicle purchasing process. We’ll also be happy to fill you in on our current used vehicle specials as well, so you can get the best vehicle for the best price!


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